GeoSpatial Consulting & Innovation

Cornerstone Mapping offers a range of GeoSpatial services from basic mapping to high end GeoSpatial Analysis and Development.
We serve a wide range of industries such as Real-Estate, Property Management, Property Development, Town Planning, Engineering and Asset Management, in both the Private Sector and Government.
Our apps and software have been used by companies in the Transport, Utilities, Education, Agriculture, Farming, Construction and Environmental Industries.

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About Us

Cornerstone Mapping is a geospatial development consulting firm that specializes in custom mobile, desktop and web applications, software and services related to our core business.

Cornerstone Mapping offers 24 years Geospatial experience, 11 years Software and Geospatial Development experience and 13 years Project Management experience.

We offer Out-Of-The_Box as well as fully customised solutions to a wide range of clients from Government to Private Companies and Individuals.

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