GIS Solutions

Cornerstone Mapping offers expert GIS advice, training and solutions.
We have been involved in major GIS projects ranging in magnitude, complexity and value.

Our service offering includes basic digitizing and mapping of facilities, farms and services to high-end analysis, modelling and visualization.

We frequently combine our database and coding skills and experience to build complete solutions for our clients.
These range from custom Mobile GIS apps for collecting or verifying field data, Web-based mapping applications for the non-GIS users, or just about any application needing a geospatial component.

Data Collection &

We are experts at data collection tasks. Field data collection such as Socio-Economic Surveys, Door-to-door surveys, Marketing Surveys, On-site GIS Data Collection and many more are important tasks for progress and should therefor be easier to collect, collate and analyze and produce reliable results faster.
We have developed software applications to handle data collection in just about any industry and to suit almost any need. These applications are easy to use and enhance the quality of the data collected while reducing the cost and time from 'field collection to results'.

Not only do we streamline the entire process but we add vital components such as secure database storage, visualization of collected data in dashboard and map outputs and tiered access control to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

Our platform and workflow enables accurate planning, decision making and reporting.

Software Solutions
for Your Business

Cornerstone Mapping offers software solutions to suit almost any industry.
From GIS Development, Office Automation and IoT, we have you covered.

We develop fully customised software and applications for mobile, web and desktop.
Our software solutions are deployed either on your desktop, mobile device or a customised cloud platform.

Asset Management Solutions

We integrate our GIS, Mapping and Software development skills to provide our clients with complete Asset Management Solutions.

This includes :

  • Building a Complete GIS and Geodatabase showing relevant surrounding data
  • Deploy our mobile application for Asset Verification and Field Data Collection
  • Use collected data to update or create asset layers in the GIS
  • Create a GRAP compliant Asset Register and searchable database
  • Create web-enabled GIS-based map for non-GIS personnel
  • Deploy custom Content Management Software to manage access to documentation, maps, database and asset register
  • Create report generating tools such as dashboards and map templates.
  • IoT Solutions

    Cornerstone Mapping builds complete Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions.

    We integrate existing smart devices, sensors and devices into web or mobile applications. Where the hardware is non-existent, we build and code custom hardware as required by the specific project.

    Use cases include indoor mapping and navigation, motion studies and automated applications.

    Industry 4.0 Ready

    Cornerstone Mapping is fully equipped, experienced and skilled to transform your business to harness the potential of Industry 4.0.

    We can identify and assist in automating processes on your farm, in your warehouse, in your office, on your project or in your home.

    We will enable you to track your goods, streamline, monitor, track and manage your logistics tasks, track and manage your stock, storeroom, pharmacy or assets.

    With our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence experience, we can help you improve your business and revolutionize your industry.

    Our Products