Our Approach

At Cornerstone Mapping (Pty) Ltd, our work approach is about building relationships with our client.

Our approach is not a mechanical approach, but rather a friendly, open minded approach, where we aim to understand your needs and goals.

We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your project is successfully completed within your time and budget constraints, without compromising the quality of the end product.

We have successfully completed hundreds of small to large projects since our inception.

Recent Projects

2014-2015 Site Development

We have been involved with the development of a 20Ha rural land in the Drakensburg area. We have been called to conduct the detailed Topographic Survey, as well as compile the Locality Map and Site Development Plan.

2014 Topographic Surveys

Contracted to carry out Topographic Surveys throughout KwaZulu Natal, for various clients. These included numerous Road Surveys, Pipeline Layout Surveys, Property Development Surveys, Sewer Manhole Surveys, Stormwater Manhole Surveys, Boundary Surveys and other smaller surveys - equipment : TRIMBLE R8 GPS

2014 Integration of GIS with SAS - KwaZulu Natal Office of the Premier : Performance Management System

Contracted as Project Manager to assist with the integration of ESRI GIS with SAS, to enhance the capability of the KwaZulu Natal Office of the Premier to manage departmental performance as well as to enhance reporting, and service delivery.

2013-2014 Update of 1 : 50 000 Topographic Maps and GIS

Appointed to carry out intensive Remote Sensing to determine change, verify via field visits, provide updated GIS data to the client for three major project areas totalling 98 X 1 : 50 000 Scale Topographic Maps, 2 450 X 1 : 10 000 Scale Arial Photos and 62 720 sq.km of land area which were successfully assessed and completed.