Having relevant, up-to-date information regarding the status and condition of your assets are crucial to making optimal management decisions.
We integrate our GIS, Mapping and Software development skills to provide our clients with complete Asset Management Solutions

This includes :

  • Building a Complete GIS and Geodatabase showing relevant surrounding data
  • Deploy our mobile application for Asset Verification and Field Data Collection
  • Use collected data to update or create asset layers in the GIS
  • Create a comprehensive Asset Register and searchable database
  • Create web-enabled GIS-based map for non-GIS personnel
  • Deploy custom Content Management Software to manage access to documentation, maps, database and asset register
  • Create report generating tools such as dashboards and map templates.
  • Report and manage maintenance, repairs and equipment service intervals via a live Dashboard.
  • Our system is built to give our clients the ability to effectively manage their asset from their desktop / laptop, tablet or smart phone.
    Asset Managers automatically have access to information such as location, condition, maintenance details and certification, 360° Virtual Tours, comprehensive Floor Layout plans and status updates from site managers via our mobile reporting app.

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