About Us

Cornerstone Mapping (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2007. The company was started with the aim of mainly focusing on Asset Management strategies using the Geographic Information Systems field of expertise, but has since grown to cater various professional services to a diversity of clients.

We currently offer qualified services for which we have gained many years of experience. As a result, we have successfully completed several large projects. Our list of satisfied clients has grown steadily, mainly due to our professionalism which results in projects being completed on time and within budgetary requirements.

Through our research and development, we are constantly adapting to suit technological advancements which keep us well ahead of many of our competitors by moving away from just conventional, conservative service delivery, to offering our clients cutting edge solutions without loss of integrity but rather enhanced quality, reliability and appeal in the end product.

We live and operate by strong Christian ethics and hold accountability, responsibility, honesty, fairness and excellence in high regard.

Staff & Associates


Our staff are fully qualified and experienced. They have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree up to a Masters Degree. Our staff are carefully chosen for their talents and attitude. We are well equipped to handle projects of almost any size.


We are well associated with experts in a wide variety of fields which compliment or feed off our own expertise. Our staff and associates together enable us to successfully handle diverse projects.

Software and Equipment

We make use of the latest Software and Equipment

We invest in the latest Software and Equipment to ensure that we deliver our best without being hindered. We keep ahead of the pack by staying abreast of developments in our industry. Our Research and Development strategies enable us to stay ahead of trends, and deliver cutting edge solutions. Check out our Facebook page for the release of our latest Applications (Coming in 2015).